Black ThermoVac

An easier, more efficient way to clean up

Clean up is a breeze with Thermo Foam System's ThermoVac.

How the ThermoVac works

The ThermoVac is a self-contained vacuum system from Thermo Foam Systems. It will quickly and efficiently clean and remove foam from the ThermoPlaner, as well as from the area of the home being insulated, as long as it is loose-fill. The ThermoVac is an integral part of any insulation project and makes the process, as well as the cleanup much easier.

ThermoVac sizing and dimensions

  • Fan blade: 3/8" steel
  • Suction hose: 250 ft. of 6 in. hose (can connect together in 25-foot lengths, if needed)
  • Powered by a 14-horsepower gas engine that produces 20 inches of static at 3100 rpms
  • Creates 12000 fpm to produce approximately 3500 cfm

The ThermoVac is priced at $15,000.

Click here to view our video about the ThermoVac.

Black ThermoVac

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